Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fun- I'm STILL Random

I have to say, dear readers, I'm just not feeling very funny today. I might even be a little bit cranky. Perhaps I'm coming up on a Personal Safety Day. They take a bit to brew, and you know, if I'm going to go all out and declare one, I figure I should really work it and make it a good one.

This morning was borderline. The Hub was being rather annoying. And I looked at my son and said,"Go smack your father, please."

And he did! He walked right up to him and said,"This is from Mom." and laid one right on The Hub's booty (And my kids don't hold back. They can smack!)

Don't you love it when obedience kicks in? Why can't it be like this when I say,"Go make your bed" or "Stop annoying your brother"?

And in other news, Day 10 out of 12 that it has been raining here in The Lou. I don't know how much more my psyche or my hair can take. Think Mulberry Bush. In fact, just look at the painting at the top of this blog and imagine my face in it. I like to think of it as performance art. I call it "The Chaos Within". That's about the state of things!

My neighbor brought some of his wine over yesterday. I'm not talking dandelion wine. Or strawberry wine. He's a kiwi transplant and he works his vineyards in New Zealand and Oregon. I bought a case of his Savignon Blanc (yes, it was a total splurge, but well worth it) and he was bringing it downstairs for me. He takes it over to the shelf, only to find that I still had three bottles of his Pinot Noir left. He looks at me and says (in his British New Zealand accent),"From LAST year? Man, Melissa! You've got a drinking problem! That should have been drunk a LONG time ago!"

BTW, if anyone does have an interest in wines, you can see his wines here. You will want to look at the wines that are from the New Zealand vineyards (Marlborough, McGinlay's Vineyard). The Oregon wines are nice, but the NZea wines, wow!

But here's to Friday, obedience in the right moment, new wine flavors and hair that continues to grow, for all of which I am thankful. Have a fabulous weekend, Mac-n-Chick Readers!

Yours, wishing the rain would give me a little space so I could miss it,


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  1. Don't worry, business meeting at the pool on Monday will take care of the blues!