Wednesday, May 19, 2010


After today, only 6 more school days. My kids are doing happy dances, and I’m just trying to figure out how to fit everything in that I’ve been putting off all school year.

So this week alone, I have scheduled a massage (hey, the last one I had was in December, so I’m due), a dentist appointment (okay, so it’s been a year since my last appointment, probably last year at this time when I was scheduling stuff before school let out) and a hair appointment (can’t go into summer without the appropriate highlights).

Next week, a couple of doctor appointments. Plus I have to somehow squeeze in some lunches since I won’t be “lunching” for 3 months with my girlfriends. Instead, if it’s lunch out, it will be a picnic at a park or McDonalds with the boys!

My point is this: DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO ALL THIS CRAP! I mean, really! I got my dentist appointment reminder 6 months ago. I’ve been due for a color and cut at the hair salon for weeks now. Why, every year, do I scramble the last weeks of the school year to get all of MY stuff done?

Oh, I remember. Because I’m a MOM!

So my lesson of the day is this (and of course I say it to all of you, but find it difficult to take my own advice): Take care of yourself, and you’re better able to take care of your kids. Or if you are your parent’s caretaker, or your spouse’s, the same rule applies. Take care of your own doctor appointments, or hair or massages or whatever it is that you need to do.

Okay, that’s my preaching for the day. Hmmm, how many lunches can I have in the next 6 days?


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