Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Madness- A Month Already?

Hello there. May I introduce myself? My name is Melissa and my blog lives here. I know, it's a little dusty in here. That's what happens when one doesn't visit for a while. It's not that we've forgotten you, dear readers, it's just been such a busy season and some things got put on hold for a little bit. Yes, hardly earth shattering news in the light of today's bombing in Boston. (Who DOES that kind of thing anyway? I just can't wrap my mind around what they hope to accomplish. I mean, I know whomever did this is angry, but aren't we all? But I digress...)

So if you're new here, welcome to Macaroni and Chicken Fingers. Karen will be on vacation (Yes- that phrase enters her vocabulary MUCH more often than mine these days, but I'm not bitter. ;) ... away at her annual Sisters Trip somewhere in Mexico. So don't expect to see her here this week. But she does still exist. Truly. Hang around long enough and you'll get to meet our kids and sometimes The Hubs pops in. 

Today's madness? I spent an hour and a half in my car in traffic trying to get to my class on time in traffic and heavy rain. It never happened. And from the looks of what my students left for me in my mailbox? Half of them didn't make it through the traffic either. And of course those Monday meetings and book keeping and emails and such. 

But you know what? I'm gainfully employed doing something I love. I have healthy children and a loyal spouse who adores me. Looking at the news on Boston, I'm a pretty lucky girl. 

See you back here by Friday (maybe even Wednesday if Karen has not blogged ahead of time!). I'm sure I'll have something funny to tell you by then.

Yours, counting my lucky stars,