Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Thoughts of Friday Fun

I have to say, it's Friday and I'm feeling random.  That's a dangerous place for me to be, because everything turns funny. I lack focus completely and laugh at everything. 

Like laughing at my husband who is on a sales call with a client and he says,"Let's look at the "Tonto Knife". "  Now, there actually is a style of knife called Tonto. But of course, I didn't know that. I burst our laughing because, in my mind, Tonto from The Lone Ranger pops into my head saying "How."

Hey- remember on Monday when I was loving that second cup of coffee? That night.... I dreamed I was a Ninja Spider Monkey. I. KNOW- Coolest. Dream. Ever. 


Let me suffice to say, I was kicking butt and taking names in my dream complete with the spiffy tail of a spider monkey. No one could stop me!

And then this afternoon I tried to stand up from the sofa. I had my laptop and my toes got caught up in the chord and I had to catch my self from doing a face plant. He's been teasing me about it all afternoon.

I guess that's what I get for giggling at him at the wrong times. I'll let your imagination run with that one.

Yours, pledging to remain random for the rest of the day,


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Timetable On GUILT!

Is there an expiration on Guilt? Because there should be. I grew up Jewish, so already I have the corner on Guilt, but then I’m a Mom, so add another dose on top of that. My late husband was Catholic (yes, that in itself added Guilt to my life, that I married non only a non-Jew, but a Catholic), so I learned, and adopted, Catholic Guilt (which, I must admit, goes head to headashamed puppy with the Jews on the Guilt meter).

I have it from all directions, folks. It’s inescapable!

So why am I bringing this up? My niece is having her Bat Mitzvah this weekend and one of our cousins is coming in town who my sisters and I haven’t seen in probably a good 20 years or so. We can’t wait. We are SO excited to see her! But my excitement is tempered by one small (huge to me) incident that happened in 1986 that I still feel Guilty about.

Yes, you heard me right…1986. She’s probably forgotten all about it, but I haven’t. 26 years I’ve been carrying this around with me (did I do the math right?). So what do I do? Do I bring it up and apologize? Do I ignore it? I can’t ignore it. It’s like an elephant in the room that nobody can see but me. But it’s there! I have to bring it up. Okay, it’s settled, I’m apologizing for it.

Okay, thanks for letting me work that out! I have SO many other things that I feel Guilty about, at least that will be one less item on The Guilt List!

Guilt Sucks!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Madness- Ode To Caffeine

Dear Starbucks Coffee Machine in the Breakroom, (thank you, Jeff Cook!)

You are unbelievable. I am in awe of you. Because I am switching my second morning cup of coffee to an afternoon cup of brew, I made incredible progress through the madness of Monday.  Not only did I complete that astronomical registration deposit, but I registered more students, came home, made dinner, packed lunches, did the dishes, folded three baskets of laundry, graded a ton of papers and if I wanted to, still have a little bit left in me to practice guitar. And that was all after 2 PM. 
Oh cup of coffee, how you inspire me to do things I thought were only superhuman feats. But with you in hand, I am Wonder Woman. (And once you read the linked article by clicking on the phrase"cup of coffee" above, you will understand why I'm still a busy bee...)

Yours, wondering how I will now power down to sleep,


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Sass

It's been quite a week. One would think things would slow down after Christmas, but some of the kids' activities are ramping up. Swim meets, Boy Scouts, Pinewood Derby, Middle School transition. But hey- I'm a mom. It's what I do.

This morning was Z2's first swim meet with her current team. All of the parents have to work jobs (or take the buy-out option, and well, not happening in the B House!) so I signed up to be a timer. It actually made the meet go pretty quickly because you have to be so focused for the entire thing. Yep- 6 hours of timing laps. (Yes, you did read SIX hours.I may have to reconsider that buyout option.)

So I'm timing all these kids and start comparing times. And my mind begins to drift (HEY- I can only stay completely focused for so long!) into the intricacies of swimming time edges- various suits, swim caps, goggles... and that's when I notice something. All of the swimmers had super smooth skin. As in hairless. Even the boys.

I wasn't entirely surprised by this. I knew that was the norm in some sports, but had not considered it for swimming. From there, it tripped my mind into personal hygiene, because you know me and my super sensitive nose. (And YES! My collegiate class of 16 is in a room that holds 12. Thank goodness my colleague switched with me. Seriously, I need to bake him a carrot cake or something.) But that's when I noticed it. Of all the sports my children could be in... the one for which I WILL be signing up my son.... swimmers do not have that nasty sports B.O.!

Finally! A sport my nose can take. YAY!

Yours, wondering how I'll break the news to Z1 that he's trading in his cleats for trunks,


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I can’t believe it! I went to Middle School curriculum night tonight. Seriously? First of all, it’s only January. How can I think about next school year already? But more importantly, HOW CAN I SEND MY BABIES TO MIDDLE SCHOOL???

What if they get lost? What if the older kids pick on them? What if they can’t open their locker? What if they forget if it’s an “A” day or a “B” day? What if they don’t make any friends? What if, what if, what if…???

Okay, I admit that MAYBE I’m projecting some of my own fears here. Yes, perhaps my middle school days were less than perfect. (Of course, back in those days, we just called it Junior High School, and it went from 7th grade to 9th grade.) Truth be told, I was painfully shy in school and had very few friends. I wouldn’t relive those years now for any amount of money.

But still, they seem so small, so young. And the 8th graders seem so, well, large! I’m sure I felt the same way when they were in Kindergarten and I looked at the 5th graders.

I guess I’m just not ready for this yet. Such a big step for me. Whoops, I mean for them!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit- Different Dream Parenting

Good morning, dear readers. Or is it? If your house is anything like mine, sometimes the morning routine can be a challenge. Today was no exception. Not yet a tween and already we're having to squash some real attitude. That attitude, coupled with the temper tantrum of a young child, can be quite fierce.    This morning it included door slamming (for which said door will be removed by evening time), yelling, and some mean spirited insults. I didn't think we would get to this until we hit the teenage years. Heaven help me!

For some, every single morning is different than they dreamed it would be. Parenting a special needs child presents its own unique challenges. Where I sometimes wish my little Zs would simply be quiet, somewhere, there is a mom (special needs or not) wishing they could hear just one or two words from their child. Or when I'm tired of doing something and I think,"They're old enough! They should be doing this themselves by now!, there is a parent who has been and will continue to do every little thing for their precious one. 

Jolene Philo, author of Different Dream Parenting, searched for ways to manage her own experience with son Allen. The big realization for her- she wasn't alone. Twelve to fifteen percent of children born in the US will spend time in the neo-natal intensive care unit (according to the March of Dimes). That's a lot of babies... and a lot of parents. As that parent, it's overwhelming and the repeating question is,"What now?"

With over 25 years experience as an educator and parent of a special needs child, Jolene has written not only about her experience, but compiled some practical resources and aids for the parents. She's done a lot of the thinking for them, guiding through various difficult situations. As well, she centers in on her faith as her mainstay in living her journey with Allen. It's a book full of wisdom, practical advice, faith and comfort. It can be found here on Amazon. Her website: She writes a beautiful blog and addresses not just life with the special needs child, but marriage and siblings and, well LIFE!

This may not be you or your journey. But I'll bet you have someone in your circle who's walking this journey now. Check it out for them.

Yours, choosing to focus on the JOY of the journey,


Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Funny- Guess We'll Know By Christmas

Wednesday, friends of mine had a babysitting emergency. The place they were going was right by my house, so when they asked, I said,"Sure! We'll have a great time. Z2 will be home and she'll be glad to help." So later that evening, in comes Baby.

Baby is about 18-20 months old and an absolute delight. If you could come up with a picture of what joy looks like, it would be this child. She is the embodiment of childhood wonder and magic. We spent the next hour and a half walking in circles, giggling, playing with The Lolanator, playing the piano and having a grand time.

About an hour into it, Z2 looks at me and says,"Mom, I really want a baby sister."

Me: Well, honey, I think I've decided I'm not having any more babies. I really like the two that I have. I don't need anymore new babies.

Z2: What if I prayed real hard, Mom?

Me: Sweetheart, you would have to pray AWFULLY hard, especially since you would be canceling out prayers that Mommy has been praying for a long time. 

Z2: I would REEEEEEALLLY like to have a baby sister by this Christmas.

Guess we'll know by Christmas who prays hardest.

Yours, considering that Bible verse that says to "pray without ceasing",


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Okay, I admit it, it’s not much. But here it is, January 12th, and we finally have some snow in St. Louis. With the exception of one very small and brief snowfall last month, this is our first400847_2305461607929_1590933673_31711729_23914622_n[1] snow of any significance. However it’s only about 2 inches. Baby stuff, to be sure, but enough to make my kids happy. (Except that they have to go to school today.) (Whew!)

I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were reporting on a town in Alaska who has gotten over FIVE FEET of snow so far this year. They finally had to call in the National Guard to help dig them out. Not only were they having problems keeping up with the snow removal, but they were running out of places to PUT the snow once they removed it! This woman’s snow pile between her house and her neighbor’s house was TALLER than their houses! CAN YOU IMAGINE???

Yet, I’m sure that there are people here in St. Louis complaining about our measly little 2 inches of snow.

It’s all relative, people!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Houston, We've Struck a Nerve!

Well, apparently my husband (nor some of the husbands of the wives in my book club group) are not the only ones who need guidance in the gift department. Your responses have been fun to read. Some of them have been sent to me via email and I had to swear not to post them (although one of them, I might have to because it was just. too. good.). 
To honor such a tremendous response, I felt it would be appropriate to continue with the saga-Return to the Doghouse.  Click here to see Donny's continued all too familiar shenanigans. All I can say is, at least he owns it.

Yours, wondering where I could get a doghouse like THAT!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Worst GIfts EVER!

For today's Friday Funny, I'm hoping that you, my dear readers and friends, will be willing to contribute. In the Christmas gift department, I fared pretty well this year. This might be because, well, we did a lot of shopping as a family this year and I just picked out some things. It's not that this will happen every year, but to be honest, I was just really tired and over scheduled and went with the flow. Might as well. It certainly saved us time spent on returns. We only had to return one item this year, and that was due to size, not style.

There have been years, however, where the gifts have completely missed the mark. We got to talking about those at book club the other night. And it reminded me of my waffle iron. My lunchbox ice cubes freezer things. Some clothing items I would never choose.  And it also reminded me of this video: Avoid The Doghouse!

So click on the video title and watch.  And in the comments section, post your worst. gift ever. I can't wait to read some of these!

Yours, thankful we've progressed beyond those early Christmas gift years,


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HERE’S TO 2012!!!

new yearAs much as it’s a little bit of a let down when the holidays are over, it’s also kind-of nice to get back to the normal routine, don’t you think? I’m a little sick of all the junk food, the Christmas songs, the mess in the house, and yes, the kids being home! I long for peace and quiet again in my home. (Is that bad?)

I also long for getting back to the gym and shedding those holiday pounds. I can’t wait to get all those decorations back into the attic. I’m ready to start working on Spring Break plans. (By the way, only 99 days until The Sister’s Trip 2012!)

But most of all, I’m SO excited to start my new adventure this year, working at Weight Watchers!!! I am officially now a WW employee and have started my training to be a leader. Just think, I have the potential to INFLUENCE PEOPLE’S LIVES. Isn’t that an amazing thing to be able to say?past future

So here’s my 2012 challenge to you: Influence somebody’s life this year for the better. A friend, a relative, a neighbor, a stranger, a child, or all of the above. Through words, actions, donations, however you can, whatever they need, find a way. You can do it. It doesn’t have to be huge. Lots of influences are small, yet meaningful.

Give it some thought and let me know how you’re doing.