Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Funny- Guess We'll Know By Christmas

Wednesday, friends of mine had a babysitting emergency. The place they were going was right by my house, so when they asked, I said,"Sure! We'll have a great time. Z2 will be home and she'll be glad to help." So later that evening, in comes Baby.

Baby is about 18-20 months old and an absolute delight. If you could come up with a picture of what joy looks like, it would be this child. She is the embodiment of childhood wonder and magic. We spent the next hour and a half walking in circles, giggling, playing with The Lolanator, playing the piano and having a grand time.

About an hour into it, Z2 looks at me and says,"Mom, I really want a baby sister."

Me: Well, honey, I think I've decided I'm not having any more babies. I really like the two that I have. I don't need anymore new babies.

Z2: What if I prayed real hard, Mom?

Me: Sweetheart, you would have to pray AWFULLY hard, especially since you would be canceling out prayers that Mommy has been praying for a long time. 

Z2: I would REEEEEEALLLY like to have a baby sister by this Christmas.

Guess we'll know by Christmas who prays hardest.

Yours, considering that Bible verse that says to "pray without ceasing",


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