Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit- Different Dream Parenting

Good morning, dear readers. Or is it? If your house is anything like mine, sometimes the morning routine can be a challenge. Today was no exception. Not yet a tween and already we're having to squash some real attitude. That attitude, coupled with the temper tantrum of a young child, can be quite fierce.    This morning it included door slamming (for which said door will be removed by evening time), yelling, and some mean spirited insults. I didn't think we would get to this until we hit the teenage years. Heaven help me!

For some, every single morning is different than they dreamed it would be. Parenting a special needs child presents its own unique challenges. Where I sometimes wish my little Zs would simply be quiet, somewhere, there is a mom (special needs or not) wishing they could hear just one or two words from their child. Or when I'm tired of doing something and I think,"They're old enough! They should be doing this themselves by now!, there is a parent who has been and will continue to do every little thing for their precious one. 

Jolene Philo, author of Different Dream Parenting, searched for ways to manage her own experience with son Allen. The big realization for her- she wasn't alone. Twelve to fifteen percent of children born in the US will spend time in the neo-natal intensive care unit (according to the March of Dimes). That's a lot of babies... and a lot of parents. As that parent, it's overwhelming and the repeating question is,"What now?"

With over 25 years experience as an educator and parent of a special needs child, Jolene has written not only about her experience, but compiled some practical resources and aids for the parents. She's done a lot of the thinking for them, guiding through various difficult situations. As well, she centers in on her faith as her mainstay in living her journey with Allen. It's a book full of wisdom, practical advice, faith and comfort. It can be found here on Amazon. Her website: http://www.differentdream.com/ She writes a beautiful blog and addresses not just life with the special needs child, but marriage and siblings and, well LIFE!

This may not be you or your journey. But I'll bet you have someone in your circle who's walking this journey now. Check it out for them.

Yours, choosing to focus on the JOY of the journey,


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  1. Dear Melissa,

    Thanks for featuring "Different Dream Parenting" on your blog today. Reaching parents of kids with special needs can be difficult because they are very busy and often overwhelmed. Your help in connecting them to this resource is appreciated.

    Jolene Philo