Thursday, January 12, 2012


Okay, I admit it, it’s not much. But here it is, January 12th, and we finally have some snow in St. Louis. With the exception of one very small and brief snowfall last month, this is our first400847_2305461607929_1590933673_31711729_23914622_n[1] snow of any significance. However it’s only about 2 inches. Baby stuff, to be sure, but enough to make my kids happy. (Except that they have to go to school today.) (Whew!)

I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were reporting on a town in Alaska who has gotten over FIVE FEET of snow so far this year. They finally had to call in the National Guard to help dig them out. Not only were they having problems keeping up with the snow removal, but they were running out of places to PUT the snow once they removed it! This woman’s snow pile between her house and her neighbor’s house was TALLER than their houses! CAN YOU IMAGINE???

Yet, I’m sure that there are people here in St. Louis complaining about our measly little 2 inches of snow.

It’s all relative, people!


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