Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Sass

It's been quite a week. One would think things would slow down after Christmas, but some of the kids' activities are ramping up. Swim meets, Boy Scouts, Pinewood Derby, Middle School transition. But hey- I'm a mom. It's what I do.

This morning was Z2's first swim meet with her current team. All of the parents have to work jobs (or take the buy-out option, and well, not happening in the B House!) so I signed up to be a timer. It actually made the meet go pretty quickly because you have to be so focused for the entire thing. Yep- 6 hours of timing laps. (Yes, you did read SIX hours.I may have to reconsider that buyout option.)

So I'm timing all these kids and start comparing times. And my mind begins to drift (HEY- I can only stay completely focused for so long!) into the intricacies of swimming time edges- various suits, swim caps, goggles... and that's when I notice something. All of the swimmers had super smooth skin. As in hairless. Even the boys.

I wasn't entirely surprised by this. I knew that was the norm in some sports, but had not considered it for swimming. From there, it tripped my mind into personal hygiene, because you know me and my super sensitive nose. (And YES! My collegiate class of 16 is in a room that holds 12. Thank goodness my colleague switched with me. Seriously, I need to bake him a carrot cake or something.) But that's when I noticed it. Of all the sports my children could be in... the one for which I WILL be signing up my son.... swimmers do not have that nasty sports B.O.!

Finally! A sport my nose can take. YAY!

Yours, wondering how I'll break the news to Z1 that he's trading in his cleats for trunks,


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