Thursday, January 1, 2009



Melissa is a wife and mother of two school aged children, a boy (Z1) and a girl (Z2). She is also a musician, teacher and songwriter, just trying to to keep it all together!


Karen is a happily married mother of twin school aged boys, a dog, a cat, and many fish. She loves not working for “Corporate America” any longer and is now doing something she feels passionate about. She loves her book, blogging, reading, exercising, vacationing at the beach (any beach will do!) and spending time with her family. Life is grand!


Melissa was a work at home mom with 2 preschoolers. As a musician, she couldn’t always take a phone call on the job. She was constantly leaving lengthy notes for the sitter- over and over again. And she kept misplacing all those notes over and over again. Every time there was a new sitter, there was a new batch of notes.

Karen was a mother who worked outside the home. Having a nanny taking care of her twin preschoolers was a good thing, but there were still tons of notes for the nanny, plus the daily phone calls of questions. And at the end of the day, Karen often wondered what their day was like.

Karen and Melissa met when their children began attending the same preschool. Their boys became friends and with that came playdates and many mommy conversations. During those conversations they realized there HAD to be a better way to organize all that information about their children for their caregivers. It was then The Caregiver Organizer was born.

Karen and Melissa began working on the book in November of 2005. By the summer of 2006 they formed Karmel Publishing, LLC. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Karen and Melissa are pursuing the dream of making things easier for other parents by providing quality products to organize it all.


Our blog chronicles our adventures through parenthood. The ups, the downs, the helpful hints, the venting, the contemplating of issues and all the laughter that comes out of those quirky moments with kids. We’re all on the journey together, so why not make it fun?


The Caregiver Organizer is designed to keep all of the information about YOUR child in one place for your caregivers. Easy to use for any parent, sitter, grandma, nanny, whomever is in charge! Check us out at