Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Long does it Take To do That?

So if you read my little "about me snippet", you know that I'm a writer.  A songwriter, mostly, but up for whatever comes my way.  This week I am in Nashville, chasing that songwriting dream. I know that I'm fortunate that I have a husband who supports me chasing a dream that requires me to be away for a week at a time.  I totally get that and don't take it lightly. 

BUT. . . . 

It is amazing to me how different it is when the one who is in charge of the kids travels. Here is an abbreviated list of what I have to think through and do before I leave town for a few days:

1. Schedule the trip around all school and spousal functions. GOOD LUCK.

2. Find and schedule and pay enough baby sitters to hold down the fort while the spouse is at work. This may mean three to four different sitters with a back-up plan or two. 

3. Get the house in reasonable order so things can be found. Read: Put everything in order and then all the things that need to be found- put them right out in plain view. On the counter. With florescent colored sticky notes with instructions.

4. Wash, dry, fold and put away the laundry.  I suppose they could do it while I'm away, but the result of having some of my delicates mixed in with the towels is unappealing. Plus, if he puts it away, I may never find it again. Ever.

5.  Prepare a few meals and put them in the freezer. Or just be okay with the fact that pizza contains the four food groups and if they eat it for the next four days, then, well, it's a balanced diet.

6. Put the book out where it can be found. Otherwise, I will be texted/called/e-mailed at all times.  And it's hard to be in a serious conversation with a publisher while saying,"Yes, honey, she needs tights, tap shoes and a leotard. And YES, you have to stay there the WHOLE time." 

7. Write out the schedule for the next 4-5 days. (Of course, mine is in the book. Yes, traveling like this is one big reason it was written). Send copies of the schedule to everyone involved- the hubby (yes, I DO actually e-mail it so that he will be able to find it), aunts, teachers, friends taking care of the kids, and every back up person I know. Yes. I am a little neurotic about it. Sue me.

8. Pack the kids' backpacks for the next school day. 

9. Oh yeah- pack my OWN clothes, supplies, writing stuff and put it in the car.

10. Kiss each child as they are sleeping and try not to split my heart in half knowing I'm not going to see them for the next 4-5 days.

11. Write cute "Mommy misses you!' notes and put them all over the house.

12. Try to get a some sleep in the few remaining hours I have- sometimes- before I have to leave.

So what does the one who is NOT in charge of the kids do? See #9. And you know that means about 20 minutes of packing, if that. OYE.

Somehow this feels a little lopsided.  Anybody got a book to help me?

Yours, happy just to have a few days away, even if it DOES take moving mountains,



  1. I found you through the Mommy Blogger Directory, and I'm so glad!
    This is a great post.