Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Thoughts- A Completely Unorganized Day

I know, right? Did you READ that title? Seriously- me? An unplanned day? Unorganized? No appointments? The last time that happened was when The Hub MADE me pack the bags for Spring Break. Even then, I still had to organize every one's clothes and think through what we would and wouldn't need, activities for the kids, meals and such. Vacation is rarely a vacation for the mom.

But today, I have no appointments until 7 pm and I have to say, I'm just giddy about it. The kids are away at school. The Hub is working all day today and will be working long hours as he is installing a new computer server next week. The house is insanely quiet and I have a sudden urge to turn up the music and dance because, well, because I can and there is no one around and no to do list to stop me!

Don't get me wrong. I actually have a list a mile long, but I'm not looking at it right now, because, well, frankly, I don't have any deadlines today so I really don't give a flying flip.

The only kicker is that I have a cold that is kicking my tail. I've sneezed eight times in the last sentence.

But sometimes you just have to say,"I'm having an unplanned, unorganized day. I'm going to make myself some (French Press, thank you) coffee, take my blank book and go sit on the deck and dream for a while. And if I feel like it, I will fold the laundry when I come in. And if I don't, they are old enough to find it in the basket. (Note to self: This summer, make the kids learn how to sort, wash and fold laundry. I think they are old enough. They have to learn sometime. No time like the present!)

So excuse me, but the tea kettle is whistling and there is a beautiful spot on the deck waiting for me. Happy Thursday, and may you take at least 30 minutes for yourself to be completely unplanned and unorganized.

Yours, pouring the water now,


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