Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Funny- In the Spirit of the Children's Medicine Recall

Have you seen the news lately? There's been a huge recall for some over the counter cold medicine for children. Something like 40 different products. Reminds me of the time my son, Z1 overdosed on Benadryl. NOT good.

I had been adamant with my husband about keeping the cough syrup and such put away because it had a flavor the kids liked. They were only 2 and 4, so really, no understanding of what medicine could do if you took too much. I was gone that morning and came home and found the bottle of Benadryl with a loose cap on the sink in the kids' bathroom. I asked my husband what it was doing there and he said he had given Z1 some for allergies that morning. After a conversation and notice that a LOT of the medicine had been used, I went to find my son. Here's what Benadryl does to a four year old when he has too much of it at one in the afternoon:

1. Makes him climb up on the table and jump off.

2. Makes him catch imaginary butterflies (I'm NOT kidding!).

3. Makes him giggle endlessly and sing VERY loud.

4. Makes him run circles around the house.

5. Keeps him awake WELL past 11 pm.

Obviously, we went NO WHERE that day, because having a four year old who is on a Benadryl induced high is not something you want to take to the graduation party we were supposed to be at that day. And this is the reason why, even though they are now 7 and 9, I STILL keep all the meds up and put away.

Yours, hoping SOMEONE got a giggle out of this, because it was a long time before WE did,


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