Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thoughts- Being Aware

Every day holds SO much activity and social encounters. Get the kids ready. Pack their lunches. What am I wearing? What does my day look like? How is my Dad's sinus infection? Gotta go to the grocery and stop by Wal-mart to pick up that thing that Z2 needs for school tomorrow. And WHY is that child crying and would their mother PLEASE step in and do something NOW! Oh my word, if the person in front of me doesn't move a little faster I think I'm going to SCREEEEEEAM! Really! Could these people learn how to drive??!?! Today??!?

That's a sampling of what sometimes goes through my head. It's so easy to make a snap judgement about people and think/sometimes say things that just don't need to be said. Last night, at the dinner table, I said to my son,"You know, love, some things that you think just don't need to be spoken. Learn that now as a child and you will have a much better adult life."

I need to take my own advice. I have to work to remind myself- that mom with the screaming child? Maybe her child is sick and they HAD to go out for more diapers and medicine. She really didn't want to, but maybe she's a single mom and had no one to cover for her.

That person in front of me that is moving slowly? Maybe that is as fast as they can walk. Just because I'm in a hurry doesn't mean they need to be. Better yet, maybe I SHOULD SLOW DOWN.

The car in front of me? Maybe it's a teenager learning to drive and they don't need the pressure of an experienced driver on their tail.

There's so many reasons that I don't think about. Can't see. Because I'm so concerned with me and my things. I was really struck by Celebrity Apprentice this season and Holly Robinson Peete's work to raise awareness for Autism. It's affecting so many children, and it's not something we can see. It's not like a limp or a physical deformity that is obvious to the eye. It's something that's on the inside of people that affects how they process and express themselves. Sometimes I don't stop to think that maybe, just maybe, that child or that person is doing the best that they can and I need to slow down, be aware, and give some space.

It's not all about me. I'd like to think it is, and some days I certainly act that way, but really, it isn't. And the quicker I learn that, the better off I'll be.

Yours, knowing I'm really NOT the center of the universe, even my own!,


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