Monday, October 5, 2009


I know just enough about football to enjoy the game. (Well, actually, I’m not really enjoying the games right now because I live in St. Louis, and the Rams haven’t won a game in a REALLY long time. Sigh!) But I don’t get this hostility by Packer Fans towards Brett Favre. I realize that he joined brett favre another team in the same division, but so what?

Maybe Green Bay fans should take a lesson from St. Louis fans. We had a very favorite quarterback once, also. You remember Kurt Warner, don’t you? The man that took the Rams to the Superbowl twice, and won once? Well, I bet St. Louis loved Kurt as much as Green Bay loved Brett. So Kurt took a brief stint in New York (hey, didn’t Brett go to New York also? Different team, I know. Still weird, huh?) then went to the Arizona Cardinals. So not only did Kurt Warner go to a team in our division, but he went to the one team who used to actually play in St. Louis.kurt warner

So what did we St. Louisans do the first time Kurt came to play in our stadium as a Cardinal? Did we BOO him? Did we throw things at him? Did we hold up ugly signs? No, we gave him a standing ovation! We clapped so loud and so long, he had to come away from his sideline and wave to all of us.

Now THAT is why St. Louis is a great sports town! Do you get it, Green Bay?


***Now, I’m pretty sure all my facts are correct in this, and I’m guessing there’s more to this Brett Favre thing that I don’t know, so forgive me, but just look for the main point here!

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