Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- Well It's About Time!

This past Tuesday the most glorious thing happened. And I wasn't even there to witness it. I'm so bummed!  One of my most favorite shows, WHAT NOT TO WEAR, ambushed one of the adjunct faculty members. Stacey and Clinton, I love you!!!!!!!!! Seriously. The fashion status at Webster University for some of those professors is a travesty. Suits and SKECHERS? Long hippie skirts from the 60's? I mean, I love vintage, but some things were not meant to hang around. Especially if you are teaching in the school of business. Over in the music school we can get away with nearly anything, but the professional world does not tolerate this so easily.

I can hardly wait until 2010 to see the episode! And I can't believe I missed the chance to see Stacey and Clinton in action! UUUUUUGHHHHH!

Yours, thinking about WHAT NOT TO WEAR,


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