Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit- Junk Drawer Conquered

So I did it. I cleaned out the junk drawer. I was surprised. It only took me about 45 minutes.  I started with just opening the drawer. I tried to sort as I took things out, and that wasn't working so well. So I dumped it all out on the table. It was just plain ugly. I couldn't believe the mess of things in there. Plenty of twos- two needle nose pliers, two regular pliers- then we grew in number to 6 funky wrench pieces that you use to put furniture together to a gazillion nails, screws, receipts, wrappers, rubberbands, pencils, hair barrettes and other assorted whatnot. Weather Stripping. Water Balloons. A tiny St. Christopher- AND I'M NOT CATHOLIC. So. . . here's the breakdown, in case you are wanting to do yours too:

1. Empty the drawer and do a fifteen minute sort. This is where we put things into the big piles.

2. Next, start sorting through your piles and determine a.) what to put in it's rightful place b.) what to group together in the junk drawer and c.) what to throw away.

3.) Vacuum the drawer. I used to think wiping it out would do the trick, but the vacuum is much more effective.

4.)Put everything neatly back in. You might even try some small bins (3/$1 at Walmart!).

Once I was finished (see photos) even my family noticed. My little angelbaby Z2 took one look at it and said,"Wow. Niiiice bins. Guess that means we have to put it all back where we got it, huh."

That's right. Yes you do, if you ever want to use my junk drawer ever again. And now, on to all the other drawers. Sigh. going to be a long season of organizing!

Yours, Still feeling good that the drawer looks like the pic a week later,


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