Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit- Halloween List

We all know it's coming. Orange and black is everywhere. It happens the same day every single year. You would think by now I would be able to remember everything. Uh, no. Not unless I write it down. So to prevent some unwanted boo-boos and disappointments this Halloween, let's think it through while we have a few moments. And of course, I will start making the list. (What else would you expect from me?)

1. Costume-check! My kids are making something of their own from their closet this year.

2. Candy- nothin' but chocolate, baby!

3. Something to hold the candy in- a basket, a pumpkin or you can go completely old school and use a pillowcase. (Now we're talkin'!)

4. Flashlight WITH BATTERIES. It's the batteries part that usually leaves me scurrying around.

5. Camera WITH CHARGED BATTERIES. Charged would be the operative word. Yeah, I know. I will do it the night before.

6. Remembering which house to skip because it freaks out my little boy. He's never forgotten it- from three years ago. They set up their garage as a haunted house and now he won't go anywhere near that house on Halloween night.

7. An easy dinner- Doesn't have to be junky, just easy. Maybe something in the crockpot.

8. Warm shoes and coat and we are good to go.

Good thing I'm thinking about this now, while I'm not in panic mode. Let's hope I revisit this on the 29th!

Yours, trying my best to plan ahead,


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  1. I'm really hoping it doesn't rain here on Halloween. It's been raining for two weeks now. Hopefully it will dry out by then.

    I'm with you on the scurrying around forgetting things. I always have the 'sitting around waiting feeling' all during the date and then run around in a panic just minutes before we plan to be out.