Wednesday, October 7, 2009


When did Halloween become so expensive? Don’t you remember when we were kids (yes, in the “olden” days – is that even a word? Olden?) and we just found stuff around the house to use as a costume? Or at the most, Mom would sew us something. (I still remember my Greek Goddess costume that my mom made. It was a long white dress with gold ribbons sewed on to it. Sigh!) But to buy a costume? NO WAY!

But now, nobody makes costumes anymore. In fact, if a kid were to make one up, they would probably be a big ol’ nerd! The prices on these things are outrageous, especially considering they are worn only once or twice (if you’re lucky), never to be seen again. And it’s not just the costume, it’s all the accessories that go with it. You can easily spend $50 or more PER KID on Halloween. Not to mention the candy. If you live in a neighborhood with TONS of kids, like I do, the bags of candy really start adding up.

So look at this picture:

Halloween 1971 This is me with my two sisters in the 70’s (no, I don’t know what year… well maybe I do, but it’s not important). Yes, yes, I’m the cute cat in the middle! Margee is the Indian and Mindy is the Hobo. Look at these costumes. Do any of these look store-bought to you? Of course not, and half the fun was in making the costumes.

Now, take a look at my boys with a friend:


There is not even the slightest chance that I made these! And notice how they all have the mask and the gun that goes with their costume? Very coordinated!

So what will we do for Halloween this year? Perhaps make a costume to teach my boys a lesson in creativity and frugality? No, I don’t want them to be dorks so we’ll be buying something I’m sure!



  1. LOL This is so true. You know, I had made it a practice to buy halloween costumes (yes, I said buy - a seamstress I am not!) a little big so that they could be worn for a couple of years. Until my little girl was traumatized by a completely unthoughtful comment from one of her friends' moms that put down her outfit as something that she wore the previous year. Really. If I could have slapped her and gotten away with it, I would have.

    That was years ago with my oldest daughter who is now 18. Now? I'm a lot less concerned with what other people think. And I teach my children the same. My little girls (now 4 and 6) wore their costumes two years in a row because they WANTED TO, they just loved them so much! Now this year, they've both chosen to be cats. And they look really cute too! And if they want to wear the same thing next year, they probably will be able to. Unless they get a HUGE growth spurt.

    But yeah... now that my tangent is over... When I was growing up, we bought nothing. We made it all. And when we were old enough, we did it ourselves from what we had in our closets and our friends closets.

  2. I'm with you Badger Momma. My son has been wearing the same costume for three years now- his choice. And this year, he wants to make his own. Hope no mom makes a stupid comment. I might have to slap her. :-)

  3. Hey Karen - I received an award today and I'd like to pass it along to you.