Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit-The Piles

I have this habit. It's not something I love or hate about myself. I've embraced it. It's what I do. It's how I organize. And it's how I find everything.
I make piles.
At least, that's what my husband calls them. I don't do it everywhere. Just the dining room table. And the office desk. And my nightstand. Oh, and sometimes on the piano when it's a busy music season. Oops- the kitchen counter mail pile. I do try to keep it confined. And when he is going to use the office to do bills, I go in and move all of my neat piles off the desk and hide them under the credenza so I don't get the "Piles Lecture" (If you would just put things away when you are finished using them, blahbbity, blah, blah. . . You make so many piles! Blahbbity, blah, blah, blah. . . to which I usually just say,"Yes, I know. I'll go clean up my piles.").

Mind you, when something is "missing" (ahem, has been carelessly shoved aside by someone other than myself), I usually can tell him the exact location with the preciseness of most GPSs.

This is what I don't understand. What is the difference between my "piles" which consist of books, papers, books, receipts, mail, kidformation, more books and magazines and these other things which seemingly cannot be labeled piles like that mysterious pile of fabric that makes it TO the hamper, but not IN the hamper. Or how about the mound of breakfast dishes that make it to the sink, but not in the dishwasher?What about the tower of DVDs that never make it into their case until cleaning day? Or my fav, the stack of shoes placed in the middle of the steps RIGHT WHERE I WILL INVARIABLY TRIP OVER THEM AND FALL RIGHT INTO THE CAR even though I have repeatedly, ad nauseum, asked that they simply be placed to the side? But I'm not bitter. :-)

Hmmmmm.... I can see that discerning the difference between my "piles" and all of these other round, growing heaps may take some deep reflection and focus. Maybe even research. Anyone have any insight, I'm all ears.

Yours, tackling my Tuesday pile,



  1. I make piles myself, as long as YOU know where something is, he can't say a word.

    I am personally tired of going on the "Easter egg hunt," as call, it when trying to find dirty clothes. I can find them under the desk, behind doors, under other items, ect. I think my family doesn't think I have enough fun in my life, so they have to add a little game.

    I wish I could help you, but I can't. I can share in your misery though...lol. I will not bitter either, theres no point.

  2. I love it. THE EASTER EGG HUNT! Seriously. Always good to share our " we will not be bitter" moments. Thanks, Anonymous!

  3. I have various piles myself. It is like being organized in a semi-unorganized fashion. My favorite pile is the one in my head...the one that catogorizes where everyone else's stuff is that I have seen laying around. That is the one that comes in so handy when my husband says, "Have you seen my shoes, or whatever it is he has misplaced?" I can almost always tell him that yes, I have indeed seen them and point him in the direction of the missing item. On those rare occasions when I cannot, I love reminding him that I didn't wear them last.

  4. Deb- Seriously! I am tucking away the comment of,"I don't know. I didn't wear them last." I almost can't wait to use it. ;-)