Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Funny- How to Show Your Kids What Policemen Do

I really do try hard to be a good parent.  Let me just make that clear upfront. I obey the law, I feed them healthy foods, I put them to bed at the same time every night, read them stories, hug them every chance I get, help them with their homework . . . you know, all those things that help set them up for a successful adulthood. However, sometimes life doesn't go as planned.

Last Saturday night, I threw my husband a small 40th birthday party. He had asked for a party with HIS closest friends. Sure, no problem. I did want to make it a special night, though, so I had a few musician friends come over and we were doing some tunes outside. Had a few tiki torches lit and some appetizer and drinks set out. A nice atmosphere. But let me back up a moment.

Earlier in the week, a friend of mine who is the wife of hubby's best friend, was helping me plan through the party. And she said,"Oh, you know, sparklers might be a fun touch to the birthday cake." And being the girl that I am, I said,"Yeah. I'll call Brad's friend and see if he will pick some up for me on his way to the party." The nearest fireworks stand is about 20 minutes from my house in the opposite direction of everything else. So it only made sense to call Hubby's Friend who was coming in from that way.

Now let me just say something about Hubby's Friend. This man LOVES fireworks. I don't mean Roman Candles and Spray Fountains, I'm talking heavy duty artillery. This man supports the Chinese Economy. Seriously. They could have a day in his honor considering how much fireworks he buys for his Fourth of July Party every year. So when I called him, he seemed a little incensed that I would ask him to bring sparklers. After a friendly chiding, he said he would bring something a little more "suitable". 

Fast forward to the party night. I am walking out with the cake, full of forty candles, and everyone is singing happy birthday. Right on cue, Hubby's Friend starts to set off the fireworks. BOOM! . . .  BA-BOOM!   One right after the other. Turns out he brought a 68 gun salute. Think tubes about two feet high tossing up municipal style fireworks. It was perfection.

Now, I had sent my children over to the neighbor's house for the evening. They were watching from the neighbor's deck with the neighbor kids and the sitter. All was beautiful and wonderful. Everyone was oohing and ahhing and finally the fireworks subsided. We all cheered and Two of Hubby's Friends began to clear the fireworks away. And that's when the police came swarming down the hill from both sides of the house. No kidding. 

We were so busted. I had no idea fireworks were illegal in my area. I guess that would be why the fireworks stands are on the other side of the county line. (Duh!) So as the police man kindly shines his flashlight at me and asks me if I am the homeowner, I suddenly hear a familiar voice, that of Z2, pierce through the darkness.


Yep. Right there as the police are asking us all for ID.  Well, you know what they say. It's just not a party until the cops show up. Just didn't know it would take fireworks to get them here.  :-)

Yours, sure that I will check all applicable party laws next time,



  1. At least it sounds like you had a bang up of a good time!!! :P

  2. That is SO funny! Perhaps along with Starbucks I will bring fireworks to celebrate with you this week!

  3. M - I think that counts toward a scout badge or something --- maybe a combination of pyrotechnics and learning what your local police department does..?? :>)