Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Debate- Prostitots or NOT!

It's summer time, here in The Lou. It's hotter than heck. When it's this hot, we definitely see a shift in the clothing area. Shorts, halters, swimsuits. Now I'm not into high necks and skirts that graze the ground, but I DO hold my kids to some limits. I'd like them to be decently clothed. For us, that means shorts need to come past where the fingers hang. Tanks need to keep you covered. Shorts need to stay up- no baggin' or saggin'.

What do you think is appropriate? Are you okay with a 2-piece on your young girl? How about boy shorts with writing across the bottom? How about your son's shorts? Baggin'? Showing his underwear?

Let the comments begin! C'mon, don't be afraid to mix it up!


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