Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Thought – Gratitude

I know that the word Gratitude has been overused lately, but I just can’t think of another word to describe how thankful we should be. Life isn’t perfect, of course, and in our darkest moments, it can be difficult to find something to be grateful for. But there’s always something, we just need to dig a little deeper. And if you think you’ve dug as deep as you can, and nothing presents itself, then take Oprah’s advice and be thankful that you are breathing.

As I am waiting to hear the news that a dear friend of mine has passed away, which should be any day now, I find things to be grateful for:

  • I’m grateful that my friend and I reconnected this past year before her death.
  • I’m grateful that I can spend the summer with my kids and not have to work a full time job (outside the home).
  • That being said, I’m grateful that they are in cub scout camp this week!
  • I’m SO grateful for all the wonderful people I have met in Cyber World.
  • I’m grateful for my life!

You know , I feel better! What are you grateful for?


1 comment:

  1. What a great thankful list- I am thankful for air conditioning, an understanding hubby and the summer to spend with my (way too quickly) growing boys :-)