Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Debate-How many is too many?

We've all seen the headlines. As a culture, a lot of people are fascinated with families of multiples and large families. The Jolie-Pitts. The Octomom. John and Kate Gosselein. And how about that family with EIGHTEEN children? Wow. It's hard for me to teach a class of eighteen kids, let alone be on duty 24/7. What happens when one of them gets sick and infects the whole family?

So the question today is: how many is too many? And in the case of invitro fertilization, should and at what point should the doctor be held accountable (as in the case with Octomom who has 14 kids, raising them as a single parent).

Let the debate begin!


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  1. My personal belief is that it is case by case. In reference to the family of 18 (The Duggar's), we could all use a lesson or two from them. They live DEBT free. The older children help tremendously with the smaller ones. They are a happy, well run, God centered, family with a mother, father, grandparents, siblings that happily do there part to make things run. As far as Jon and Kate, The Octomom, etc. I personally believe that the spotlight has taken over. I am sad for them. They need to refocus.
    The Dr. that implanted the octomom needs to be punished. Of course he needs to be more responsible!!! This is an unmarried, unemployed, single woman, living with her broke parents!! That was very irresponsible of him as well as her.

    Cindy Osborn, RN