Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Review - Strosgirl's Blog Design

We have just had a makeover. Of our blog, of course! Like it? We LOVE it, and we owe it all to Angie at Strosgirl’s Blog Design. Not only is she incredibly reasonable (I’ll get to more of that later), but she’s full of ideas and is SO QUICK, which I love. (Because, of course, Melissa and I may take quite a while to decide what we want, but once we decide, we want it NOW! Doesn’t everyone? )

Angie loves to make designs and loves digital scrapbooking, so along came her blog design business. At this time, she can only work with Blogger/Blogspot, but she’s looking to expand her knowledge into other areas.

The cool thing about our redesign is that we gave her an idea of what we were looking for, she gave us some suggestions on how to get it, and then she just ran with it. After just a few VERY minor changes, we had a finished product. So she can design a one-of-a-kind template for you from scratch, or you can pick a premade template from her website, and she even promises not to sell more than 5 of any of these premade templates. (Seeing your design on somebody else’s blog is kind-of like wearing the same dress as a friend at a party. GASP!)

In all of her premade templates you will find a background, corresponding sidebars and post area, and a header that you can customize by putting your own title and an image if room is available. Also included in premade templates, you will find a post divider, icons next to your post title, or a signature. So even if 4 other blogs out there dare to have your same template, at least you know it won’t be EXACTLY the same!

I said she was reasonably priced, right? Get this – her packages start at only $20.00. That’s for the walk, then it goes up to the single and all the way to the homerun. (Did I mention that Angie is a HUGE baseball fan?) Or you can customize your own package, as we did, by purchasing a basic package and adding specific elements from the Dugout.

One last thing about working with Strosgirl’s Blog Design. Angie is TOTALLY customer service oriented. She communicated with us on everything, even giving us suggestions we hadn’t thought of, and just made it a terrific experience. I’d give her an A+, and coming from me, that’s incredible! (Just ask Melissa!)

Angie has very generously offered a 25% discount to anyone for the next 30 days. Just be sure to mention Macaroni and Chicken Fingers when filling out the order form on her website.


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