Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Minute

Time for the Monday Minute and I only have a minute since I am working (outside of the home) this week.  Can I just vent a little and say how much I despise working outside the home teaching summer camps? I'm missing summer with my kids!  And by the time I take out the sitter's portion, I'm not making near enough to compensate.

So for today's Monday minute, I have decided that I am making another list. Life is too short and you only get so many summers. At the beginning of the summer I made a list of everything the kids and I wanted to do. So far we are making pretty good progress. My new list is going to list all of the things I DON'T want to do next summer. And guess what's going at the top of the list?

Summer is only four weeks under way. . . plenty of time to change it around- do some things you want to do and eliminate the things you don't! (Of course, bathing and laundry should stay). :-)

Happy Monday,


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