Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Review – Shower Hug

preggo3Okay, so let’s be honest. Who’s boobs DIDN’T hurt before, during and after breastfeeding, not to mention pregnancy? I don’t see any hands raised, so I must assume that your experiences were as painful as mine! And for just a few minutes every day, if we were lucky, we could take a nice, warm, relaxing shower. BUT WAIT! Even that warm shower hurt our breasts. That’s just not fair!

Well, the women of Belmama & Cherub have come up with a solution for us, called the Shower Hug. The Shower Hug is made of the softest, most luxurious stretch knit terry velour to provide expectant and new moms with gentle bust line support and to soothe sensitive nipples as it shields the breasts from harsh shower sprays. Moms simply wrap the Shower Hug snugly around their chest and secure with Velcro® in front. Ahhhhh! Soothing comfort, not to mention the best warm compress the breasts ever experienced!

Simply wrap the Shower Hug™ around your chest and back and attach the Velcro® closure. Since your body will change over the next few weeks, they have provided four inches of Velcro® so you can pull the Shower Hug™ as snug or loose as you feel comfortable. After wearing, simply wring out the excess water and hang dry. To wash, attach the Velcro® closure and toss it in with your next load of baby clothes.

Moms not only love to wear the Shower Hug in the shower, but outside of the shower as well! Shower Hug patrons wear their Hugs for overnight support and around the house as a comfortable alternative to the traditional nursing bra. And the Shower Hug provides hands-free comfort to hold cool or heat packs and is oh-so-soft. preggo2

This is one of those things that makes me say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Now, I will come clean (no pun intended) and tell you that I have not personally tried this product. When I had my twins 8 years ago, I knew I was done! But just reading about it and seeing the pictures makes me wish I had had this during those VERY painful months.

So how can you get this amazing product? Just go to and order. They are available in three different sizes and color options: White with Petal Pink trim, White with Slate Blue Trim or Earth Friendly Natural with Sage Green Trim. Coordinating burp cloths and wash cloths are also available. This is a GREAT gift idea!


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