Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday, and I'm supposed to post a thought. Something inspirational? Something funny? Something thought provoking?

Well, peeps, I'm thought-less. Not as in inconsiderate, but as in writer's block.  You see, I'm teaching a summer camp for the next three weeks, and the first two weeks of it are, how shall I say it? Less than stellar. Imagine teaching a class of 6-8 year olds, about 1/3 of whom do NOT want to do anything you ask them to although they chose the class. And they're not mine, so discipline is a sticky issue. 

So right now, it's about hunkering down and getting through. Hopefully with a smile and a little bit of finesse. And preferably, being able to stay on long enough to collect that paycheck at the end of camp. 

Feel free to send me some thoughts of your own! Would love to hear how you all make it through moments like these.

Wishing you a pleasant Thursday,


1 comment:

  1. Maybe I'm just way too black-n-white, but at the point that the ones who DON'T want to do anything you ask begin to affect the ones who DO want to do what you ask, then they're out. That is such a perfect picture of my kids' school classes this past year (and one of MANY reasons why they're coming home!) I know that life is not fair, but where it can be, I'm all for it. I know when my kids go somewhere like that, I fully transfer all power of discipline to the one in charge, and my kids know that. The problem is most likely there has never been much discipline. Guess I'd calmly, but firmly talk to the misbehavers parents...... then one "grace" chance? Praying for the rest of your summer!