Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Review on No Slip Charlie®

Every time you give your little one a bath, do you start thinking of “Slip Sliding Away” by Paul Simon? I know I did when my boys were infants, times 2! Trying to juggle the shampoo, the washcloth, the soap, AND the baby was just too much sometimes. I’ll admit it, I often thought about duct taping them to the little tub! (Don’t worry, I didn’t ACTUALLY do it!)

But those of you experiencing this juggling act don’t have to pull out the duct tape! No Slip Charlie® is the perfect answer to your problems. No Slip Charlie® is thenoslipcharlie1 baby bath safety product that puts you in control by giving you a great grip on your wet, slippery baby during a bath. These fingerless gloves are made of poly/lycra - just like a woman's swimsuit. They are extremely soft to the touch, yet provide an excellent grip on your squirmy, little soapy one. Your fingertips are free to test the water, touch your baby, and wash their hair but your palms have the friction of the gloves to help you comfortably maneuver the baby and lift them out of the tub. Plus, a detachable terry cloth wash mitt will attach to either glove at the back so you don’t have to struggle with the washcloth.

Since I don’t have infants anymore, I had to get creative on how to test them so I could give my honest opinion. So out we went to the pool. When noslipcharlie2the boys were lighter, I could pick them up while in the water and throw them to the deep end. But now, they just slide right out of my hands! So I put on No Slip Charlie® and tried to throw them. WOW, it worked! I can’t throw them far because I’m apparently a weakling, but at least they didn’t slide out. I could actually pick them up and out of the water and still have a grip on them. Pretty Cool!

No Slip Charlie® comes in 2 colors: you guessed it! Pink and blue! You can get them here for only $20.00 per pair. You don’t have any little, little ones at home? They make a GREAT baby shower gift!

The folks at No Slip Charlie® are generously offering one as a giveaway and also offering a discount code for Macaroni and Chicken Fingers readers.  Us the code macnchick for 5% off through July 24th.  This discount is IN ADDITION TO their annual July sale.  So be sure to visit the No Slip Charlie® website!


We are giving away a one package (which includes 2 gloves) to one lucky winner, chosen at random. The contest will end at midnight on July 8, 2009.


Primary Entry: Tell me your best/funniest/worst story about giving your baby a bath! (If you don’t have one, I won’t know so make it up!)

*This entry is mandatory to allow additional entries!

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  1. One of my twin boys (Elijah, of course) is much more adventurous than his brother, Reese. Apparently, just "being bathed" at some point became boring, so E would look for ways to ramp things up a bit. One day when he was about 5 months old, he got this crazy gleam in his little eye (you THINK I'm kidding) and just threw himself backwards. He went completely underwater except for this tiny little circle where his mouth and nose were above the surface. I gasped and grabbed him up thinking he was going to be sputtering. He actually laughed. And then did it again. And again. The eye-gleam was always the giveaway, so we soon came to recognize his "warning sign." 9 years later, that gleam still makes my heart beat faster....... never know what's about to happen with E-man!

  2. ps Pink, please!

  3. How about this? I wouldn't give my daughter a bath until she was able to sit up at around 5-6 months old. My mother-in-law had to come over every other day to do it, I was too scared. Till this day, two years later, I still get nervous. My husband has to do it majority of the time.

  4. I tweeted!

  5. Congratulations to Nicole Ibarrondo for winning the No Slip Charlie. Thanks to all who entered!