Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Minute- At the Library!

Summer is here! Our kids are out of school and with us full time. Sometimes that can be bliss, sometimes, well, it's an unending string of commands like,"Stop that! Don't bug your sister! Why are you always antagonizing him? AAARRRGGHH! Alright. That's it! Personal Safety Day!" (See previous blog for definition of Personal Safety Day).

Now that my kids are readers (one at 3rd grade, one at 1st grade level), I have come up with a little incentive for them. Don't know about you, but my kids love screen time. It is the first thing they ask for every day. AHA Moment- it's totally their currency. So, kids, want to earn some screen time (video games, TV or computer)? guess what- for every minute you read, you get a minute of screen time.

They were more than eager to get to the library today.

Happy Summer!


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