Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I would love to blame my age, or so much going on in my life right now,confused or hormones or stress, but the reality is, it’s really just good  old fashioned airheadedness. (Is that even a word?  Well, in my airheaded world , it is!)

Every so often we are asked to contribute to a gift bag, which happened again this past week for a Baby Expo in Chicago coming up in August.  So I designed these cute little coupons for a free eBook of The Caregiver Organizer for MY Child (shameless plug with a link) and made 100 copies.  Melissa and I spent about an hour cutting them out and taping a sucker onto them (you know, so they stand out amidst all the other goodies in the gift bag).  Then, when I checked the coupon in the shopping cart to make sure I set it up correctly, I realized that I set the expiration date at August 31, 2001 instead of 2010.  No biggie, I changed it, saved it, and all is well.

numbers That is, until Melissa checked the coupons that had the suckers taped to them.  Yep, they also said 2001.  OOPS!  And the funny thing is, it wasn’t like I just transposed the numbers…twice.  No, I saw it, knew it looked a little funny, but shrugged it off because I was sure it was right.  OMG, WHAT WAS I THINKING???  So while I’m beating myself up, my sweet business partner is telling me that it’s no big deal.  (I’m pretty sure she wanted to beat me up also, but she’s too nice to do that, and she really wanted to go out to the pool!)

Did we re-print all the coupons and re-tape all the suckers?  Naw!  We just took a Sharpie and blacked out the year.  We figured people will just have to figure it out themselves! 

Then we went out to the pool!


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