Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tidbit- I did it. . .

I did it. . .

I started the dreaded conversation.

My mother came to the house this past Friday to take the kids to a movie. We all went to see Marmaduke, which, by the way, is a fun, fun movie. Owen Wilson as the voice of Marmaduke was a brilliant choice. Some things were a little predictable, but still a lot of fun anyway.

But about that conversation. . . A few weeks ago, my Daddy had a fall and hit his head. About a week after that, he started having blackouts. So off to the hospital he went. while it was diagnosed as Delayed Concussive Reaction, it opened the door to start that dreaded conversation about my parents aging.

I mean, how do you bring it up without saying,"You're getting older and I'm getting worried?" Turns out, my sisters had begun the same conversation with them as well. Whew! I wasn't the only one. My parents are beginning to look for a different home- one that is closer to their children- somewhere in between all of us. And my mother has begun listing all of their doctors, what they see them for and their medications they are currently taking. We even talked about the difference between a DNR and a Living Will. If you don't know the difference, you need to, because they are two entirely separate documents. I have to say, my mother was pretty receptive to the entire thing, and took it as a sign of concern, rather than age.

So let me say it one more time... if you still have parents...and even if your relationship is somewhat strained... or if you have the best relationship in the world...have the conversation now. Much better to do it now than before something happens and they can't tell you anything about what they would want.

Yours, beginning to breathe a sigh of relief,


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