Monday, June 14, 2010


Sometimes I wish I was a dog. No really, hear me out on this one! In fact, I’ll list my reasons:

  1. It takes VERY little to make a dog happy. I mean VERY, VERY little!005
  2. Their memory last about 3 seconds, so even if they are upset or embarrassed about something, **poof** it’s gone almost immediately.
  3. Daily schedule: eat, sleep, play, sleep, repeat.
  4. Out of water? No problem, just drink from the toilet. (Although I will admit my dog won’t do this. My prissy cat, on the other hand, has no problem with it. Go figure!)
  5. Sniffing somebody’s butt is totally acceptable.
  6. Riding in the car is the Best. Time. Ever. And it doesn’t even matter if we’re going to the vet, as long as he gets to hang his head out the window with his ears and tongue flapping in the wind. (Yet, blow in his face and he gets crazy mad at you!)
  7. They never have to worry about looking fat. In fact, they never worry about anything. Or get stressed about anything. Or feel guilty about anything. You get where I’m going with this!
  8. No family issues to deal with. 057 You never hear a dog whine about their mom abandoning them when they were a little pup, ‘cuz that happens to all of them!
  9. When they lose their hair, it grows back.
  10. It’s okay if you’re not the smartest or the best at something or in a great mood, they will love you unconditionally, and therefore get love back. So doesn’t that make them a bit smarter than all of us?


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