Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Tidbit- My "Monica" Closet

It's the first day of summer. It's 1:25 in the afternoon and they have already told me they are bored. Currently, Z2 is having a meltdown because of something her brother did. And I'm already having to remind of discipline measures which include "taking away every happy moment of summer if I have to!" (Not that I would, but it sounds pretty threatening, doesn't it?)

This morning we hit the library- which was a complete madhouse!- and then a few more errands. Home for lunch, after which they read for a bit and Z2, wanting to color, opened up the art cabinet. When half of its contents spilled onto the floor, we decided it might be time for a cleansing. A half hour later, we've paired it down and neatly stowed everything away. And then I took Z1's pencil box downstairs to the storage closet.

That's when it hit me. I write books on organization, and yet I have a "Monica Closet". Today, I could not even get the door open. Mind you, the rest of my house is in order, mostly. But that closet is supposed to become a guest room this summer.

How am I going to do that if I can't even open the door?

And no, I'm not ready to post pics yet.

Yours, contemplating the closet,


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