Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Thoughts- Random Summer Wonderings

It's Thursday. By the time I get here, I feel pretty random and loose ended. I try to keep it together, but well, at this point in the week, my skin is about the only things holding me together!

-It's been an eventful week. I was supposed to be in Nashville and it got rescheduled. :-(

-We've been reading a lot in my house. The kids have been working toward the second prize in the reading club at the library, which is a beach ball bigger than they are. It came into the house today. I wonder how long it will last. :-)

- Yesterday I went to the pool and forgot to use sunscreen on my back. Not good when you are as white as porcelain. It did, however, seem to have cleared up the sun rash on my back, while the front of me, where I used the sunscreen- still full of rash. What's the deal???

-My kids are awfully quiet at the moment. That's usually not a good sign. (So full of positive thinking, right?)

Yeah, can't focus on a darn thing today, and I have WAY too much to get done. Yikes! ANy suggestions?

Yours, awaiting your brilliant insight beyond, "Have a cup of coffee!"


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