Thursday, June 3, 2010


Do you ever have those days when you’re just hungry all day? That’s today for me. Nothing is different today. I had the same Egg Beaters on Bagel Thin breakfast that I always have, and then I did a little office work, then walked on the treadmill for a few miles.

But 10:00 rolled around and BOOM, I was hungry and it hasn’t let up yet!

So why does this happen? There have been no changes to my routine. It’s not “my time of the month.” WHY SABATOGE MY DIET THE DAY BEFORE WEIGH-IN????

So quick update on my weight loss progress: I made my Weight Watchers goal (yay me!), but not my personal goal yet. I’ll explain. Once you make goal at WW, you have to maintain that weight for 6 weeks, at which time you become a “Lifetime” member. (HUGE status at WW!) As a Lifetime member, you don’t have to pay any fees, but you have to weigh-in once a month and maintain your weight within 2 pounds of your goal weight.

Yes, you heard me right… 2 POUNDS!!! Okay, I don’t know about you, but 2 pounds could be water retention. It could be having not pooped for a few days. It could be a really big meal the night before. 2 pounds, are they kidding me? So while I set my WW goal at X (no, you don’t need to know that number!), my own personal goal is actual X minus 3. So since I just hit WW goal last week, I really have 3 more pounds to go to hit MY REAL goal. That way, if I ever go above my goal by 5 pounds, well then I should be held accountable and have to start going every week and paying again because I’ll need to. Get it?

So there’s my update! Really, I just wanted to share that I’M HUNGRY TODAY!!!!


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