Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fun! It's Summer Time!

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!

Could you hear me all the way from The Lou?

I know, Friday seems like any other day of the week sometimes, but some mornings, knowing it's Friday puts a completely different spin on things. Besides, I just like saying it's FRRRIIIIIIIIIIDDAAAAAAAAYY! Makes me feel like Al Roker on The Today Show. Except I don't have the cool echo. Or the big paycheck. And I'm pretty sure he's not ScotIrish like me (which is a very PC way of saying"I'm so white it hurts, and he, well, he's not"). Okay, maybe I'm not feeling so Al Roker. But it's still FRIIDAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

So get your Friday Summer Groove on!

I'm excited it's Friday because here at Karmel Publishing, we have just completed edits on our newest book, "Caring For My Aging Parent" (Go Karen!). Can't wait to finish the foreword and roll it out!

And it's summer.

And it smells like rain outside.

And the periwinkles are beginning to bloom.

Doesn't take much for me, does it? Yeah, I know. Walking party of one!

We're going to see Marmaduke The Movie today. And then I'm going to have that long overdue conversation with my mom. But still, it's FRIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!

So turn up the radio and shake it 'til you get into a good groove and let the Friday Fun begin!

Yours, looking forward to the weekend,


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