Monday, June 21, 2010


Every so often, I’m asked to write a guest post for somebody else’s blog. One of my favorite topics to write about, because of course I always tie it back to my book, is how parents need to take care of themselves and their relationship with each other, and how The Caregiver Organizer can help relieve “babysitter” stress when going out for a romantic evening together. And I firmly believe that we need time with our spouses, without kids, to keep that relationship strong.

So, do I practice what I preach? Of course not! Lucky for me, I have aromantic dinner2 pretty solid relationship with my hubby, but we definitely don’t spend enough time together, alone. Saturday night, we actually had a date night. Nothing special, just a nice dinner out (yes, I totally blew my Weight Watchers points and yes, it was totally worth it!). But you know what? It was special! We haven’t been out without the kids since December. Terrible, I know!

grand caymanEven worse, the boys are 9, and we’ve never, and I mean NEVER, been on vacation without them since they’ve been born. So this November we’ll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in Grand Cayman, which is where we got married. NO KIDS! I’ve been warning my sister for a year already that she has to take care of them while we’re gone, and she’s up for the challenge! (She may never speak to me again after we return, but I’ll cross that bridge later!)

So my advice to you, and to myself, is to please, please, please take more time for yourself (hard to do during the summer months, I know) and make more time for your relationship with your spouse. Even after just one night out, I feel a bit more connected again, and I didn’t even know that was missing. So I can only imagine what once or (dare I dream?) twice a month could do for us! Something to think about!


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