Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Tuesday, and I'm Slightly Neurotic

It's Tuesday and I'm slightly neurotic. Slightly? I know. Stop your giggling. I mean it! What is it that I believe I'm neurotic about? Seriously, do you ned a list? Go read some of my posts.

It's storming here in the Midwest, which in and of itself is not a bad thing. I don't particularly care for tornado season. It tends to put me on the edge. I have one weatherman that I watch, because, well, I know it's time to worry when he tells me to. That's why I watch him. To keep me from being neurotic. (If you live in The Lou, you KNOW I'm talking about Kent Earnhart. LOVE that man! Can't spell his name right, but he gets me through tornado season one day at a time. But I digress. . . )

Like I said, storms don't bother me too much, EXCEPT WHEN MY KIDS ARE AWAY AT AN OUTDOOR DAY CAMP.

Breathe. . . . in. . . . out. . . . goooooooood. . . . .

I'm sure the staff has everything under control. I know they have planned for bad weather and are keeping the kids occupied and entertained and above all, SAFE. And two if my very dearest friends are there, so my kids know who to run to in the event of an emergency.

But right now, the only thing that is keeping me from getting in the car and picking them up is the fact that I'm blogging and would have to cancel my lessons to do so.

Does anyone else have the overwhelming desire to get all the baby chicks in the nest every time it storms? Let me know I'm not alone!

Yours, still fighting the urge,


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