Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

Today is the day. It came too quickly, for certain. But I am determined to face it boldly. I will not run in fear. I will stand, rooted with courage until the deed is done. Later this morning (hopefully this morning) I will stand triumphant, having conquered in battle. Today, my friends, I face . . . 

My junk drawer. 

By far it is the scariest, most unorganized place in the kitchen. I don't even like opening it. Sometimes it is hard to get shut. I can rarely find in one glance what I'm looking for, unless I just (and I mean just five seconds ago) threw it in there. 

BUT! As all generals going to battle, I have a plan. 

Step One: Dump the drawer. (Really, I could end that sentence with "in the trash" and be finished, but who knows what I would be throwing out!). I'm going to dump it on the kitchen table (hope it holds!) 

Step Two: Set the kitchen timer to ten minutes and do a quick sort. This is the "Yes, I need this here" vs. the "How the heck did this get in here, let's put it in the right place" vs. the "Eeeeew! TRASH!" sort. Three piles in ten minutes.

Step Three: Put it all back in order.  That's the one I struggle with. I'm going to try to do nice"areas" or sections. 

I'll post pics at the end of the day. We will see who wins. 

Courage, Melissa, courage.



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