Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Debate- The Obama Speech

Today is the big day. President Obama is giving a speech to the American School System. There has been a lot of hoo-ha about it. Should he? Should he not? Will he stay on subject? (His intention is to speak on work ethic, the value of education and diligence). Does he have the right to do this on a federal level or is this a state responsibility?

While Karen and I agree on some things, politics is certainly an interesting issue between us. One of us is completely okay with him speaking to the kids. The other of us has some reservations. What do you think is right? Should President Obama be given opportunity to speak into our children's lives? Is this completely a parental issue? A state issue?

You may leave your comments now. . . . (let's be civil, please).

Oooo, this is about to get interesting,

Psst, this is Karen. Here's a link to the speech, which was supposed to have been up yesterday, but I forgot to check. http://www.whitehouse.gov/MediaResources/PreparedSchoolRemarks/

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  1. I will start off by saying I am Canadian so watching this from a far and of course it doesn't affect me or my kids (plus we homeschool) however, I have been hearing so much about this speach. I don't get it. Someone in authority who many people look up to is speaking to children about work ethics and the value of staying in school... how can that be bad anyway you slice it? And he is not the first president to do this... others have apparently (I can't think of their names) so why such a uproar about him doing it?

    I am genuinely curious.


    Sherri-Lee Pressman