Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Funny- Smile for the Camera!

It's that time of year again. . . . SCHOOL PICTURES. Love it. That's usually the day I totally forget about and let the kids dress themselves. Last year Z2's pic was a disaster. She had worn her curls in a ponytail and decided to take the pony out just before the photographer snapped the photo. Oh yeah. It was a beauty.

Today, in my inbox, there was a memo on pictures for my place of employment. We do this every year in order to update the website. In honor of such an, uhm, prestigious ocassion, I shall endeavor to share with you last year's experience. It went something like this:
My school website is being updated and they brought in a photographer for headshots. So my turn comes and the photograher sits me down and in a 3-second, rapid fire breath says,"Okayliftyourchinupalittlebitandtiltyourheadtotheleftandthenalittletotheright."

I wasn't quite ready for his verbal machine gunning as I was still finding my place on the stool so I said,"I'm sorry. What was that again?"
And he actually said to me. . ."Okay, I'll speak a little slower for the blonde."

Whoa. I felt my jaw hit the floor and somehow my body stood up. I looked him in the eye and said,"No, you didn't. You did not just say those words to me." I had to walk away before I got nasty.

Sensing his guffaw, he immediately began apolgizing. "It's okay," I replied. "Clearly, you are suffering from the Y chromosome syndrome causing you to lose total verbal and cerebral control. Let's just begin again."

He looked at me and said,"What? What does that mean?" He had no clue what I meant. And he's calling me blonde? Okay Mr. Photographer, let me translate. . . (Warning. . .Danger Will Robinson!) "Never talk out of your @#$ to someone you just met, particularly in a professional setting. It makes it hard for one to smile for the camera."

Yours, hoping this year will be different,



  1. Why is it I can so picture you doing this? I can even hear your voice! Way to tell him, girl!

  2. :-D I abhor rudeness. Especially from a total stranger in a professional setting.