Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday- Remembering

Yes, usually today is our Friday Funny. And in light of my doctor's visit yesterday, I did have something very funny to write. But as today is Friday, September 11, I'm thinking I will save that story for next week.

Wherever you were, that day, eight years ago, I'm betting that you could tell me exactly what you were doing when you heard the news. I was standing in my small, city-house, living room when my sister called. I turned on the TV and watched as the plane crashed into the tower. Immediately I picked up my 7-month old baby and held him as close as I could thinking,"Dear God, what have I done, bringing a child into a world such as this? How will I ever, ever protect him?"

That was eight years ago. So much of our world has changed since then. Travel restrictions. Security checks. More security checks. Background checks. Endless news about terrorism. And yet, I believe that while another attack is being plotted, because that's what wimpy, coward thugs do, I am grateful to have lived the last eight years in a nation that is ever more vigilant about its security and heritage. While it seems like sometimes we are coming apart at the seams, I believe America is still the greatest place on Earth to live, and that we have the best men and women serving in our armed forces.

To those of you who have suffered loss on that day, our hearts go out to you. To those of you who are serving to protect this nation, our gratitude is yours. And to those of us who enjoy freedom each and everyday, may we never, never, never forget.

Yours, remembering,


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