Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Musing: JURY DUTY

I’ve been summoned to jury duty. That, in itself, is no big deal, but the story leading up to it is. Let me first start by saying that I am 40-something years old (ahem) and have never been called to serve. Until last summer, that is. I got my very first summons in May to serve in gavel June. Normally I would have freaked out about that, because of course the kids are home for summer vacation. But as luck would have it, they were in Cub Scout camp that week, so no problem.

So I do my duty and drive almost an hour to get to the county courthouse. I find the parking garage where they want me to park, but when I get there, I ask, just to be sure, if I’m in the right garage. She said, “Well, you would be if court was in session.” HUH? Apparently, lightning had struck the courthouse and the entire complex had no electricity. Well, that might explain why I couldn’t call in the night before to make sure they still needed me. (Quick, aren’t I?) So I start driving home, all mad and upset, when it hits me: I’m actually FREE the rest of the week! Yea for me!

I figured I might get called again sometime, but I quickly forget all about juryduty it. Until I get an envelope in the mail from my step-mother. Inside is a jury duty summons, addressed to my maiden name, sent to the home I grew up in but haven’t lived there since I left for college.

So, in essence, this summons was sent to an entirely different person, according to their records. It’s not the “make-up” summons I figured I’d get eventually. Here’s my question: What if my step-mother didn’t live there any more? What if I never got that one? Would the jury duty police come after me? Or what if I did serve in June like I was supposed to? Would I have to go again? Any why 2 summons (don’t forget, I’m two different people in their system) within a few months of each other, when I haven’t been called for the past 20ish years?

Answers to these questions will probably never be answered. But I can still hold out hope that when I call in the night before, they may not need me. People tell me that the higher the number is on the summons, the less likely you’ll actually have to go.

GREAT, I’m number 0004.


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