Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Funny- I know, it sounds like a joke, right?

Well, dear readers, you've been hearing about it since Wednesday. Karen could hardly contain herself yesterday and posted an extra blog. Nice! So you all know by now, Karen, her sister and I all sat in the same room and they introduced me to one of their favorite musicals: Jesus Christ Superstar. Picture it like this:

A cuturally Jewish woman who is spiritually agnostic invites her friend over to share one of her favorite musicals. Her friend is a Believer, currently attending and working for the Lutheran church, but has beliefs from different denominations of Christianity. The first woman invites her sister, a practicing Jewish woman, to come as well to drown out the lady's singing with her own. All three of them are blonde.

The only one who hasn't seen it is the woman who believes in The New Testament. The other two ladies, brought up in the Jewish heritage, know every single word to the musical. The Believer can't get over the whole 70's hippie vibe, while the Jewish Lady and the Agnostic continue to drool over Ted Neely and sing every word. Even the high notes. (Loved it when they tried to sing bass). BTW, the Believer is a professional musician. How can this end well? By lounging in the pool of truth afterwards (the pool, whereupon entering, you MUST tell the truth to whatever is asked. No judging allowed.)

Explaining to Karen that no, the Jews really did kill Jesus (it was a political powerplay) and the Romans really had nothing to do with it (Hey! You're Herod's race!) was entertaining. And trying to explain things out of the New Testament was challenging. But I loved it. Loved my time with them. Always do. I especially love that we can be so different, yet respect and regard each other so highly and value our friendship over our differences.

I hope each and every one of you get that lucky some time in your life.

Yours, knowing that next up is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!



  1. I Love Jesus Christ Superstar! We listen to it every Easter = ) I would have loved to have been there with you girls!! I had the good fortune to see (twice) the Broadway version with Ted Neely and Carl Anderson *swoon*...

    Let me know how the Like "Joseph and the..." another of my favorites! And I got to see that production with Donnie Osmond *swoon/faint*

    Stay awesome ladies = D

    Kelli Stapleton

  2. Ah yes, the Pool of Truth! So fun!

    Kelli, I have a really hard time with Donnie Osmond as Joseph. I don't know why, but I do. My sister loves him in that role, though, and I love the music, so it's definitely our next musical. Can you believe that Melissa has never seen it?