Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Funny- Again- Did you HEAR what you just said??!?

It's Friday morning. That usually means a low key morning during the summer, one of the few days we get that. I truly enjoy Friday mornings. So I'm having a little time to myself in the other room and The Hubs calls out,"Hey Honey! Cee Lo is on The Today Show!"

I love Cee Lo. His song,"Forget You" (clean version- hey! Don't judge me!) is one of the funnest, emotionally purest songs I have heard in a long time. I mean, he really gets down to the heart of the matter and says it exactly how he feels. And it's a great funk groove.

So I come into the living room and look at the TV. Cee Lo's talking and I look at The hubs and say,"Check it out. All of the band members are women!" (They were of course, beautiful, skinny and glammed up).

Without even a pause for THOUGHT... danger Will Robinson-USE YOUR MOUTH FILTER!!!!- The Hubs replies,"Yeah, but do you think they can really play?"

Seriously? Did you really just say that? Are you implying you can't be pretty AND play an instrument? Better watch your mouth there sir, 'cause I KNOW I can play. So what you sayin'?!?!?!?

I looked at him and said," I KNOW you did NOT just say that," and walked out.

Clearly, there is a need for some serious ministry and revelation in the B Household! ;)

(To be fair, he did recant after he saw them actually playing).

Yours, still slightly dumbfounded, even after all these years,


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  1. Aaaargh!!! How could he??? Where's the filter, Men?