Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Funny- Why... Officer Kraus....

Dear Officer Kraus,

I realize that you are a nice young man, trying to do his job and uphold the law. I can respect that. However, due to the fact that I probably have 15 yrs on you, which equates to a ton of life experience, there is something I MUST get off my chest.

SERIOUSLY!!??? You pull me over because I entered the turn lane three cars too early? I didn't know that there was a specific part of the turn lane (because it runs THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE STREET) that you had to use to turn left! And while you were polite and professional, are you telling me that when you looked at my license, particularly the DATE OF BIRTH, you didn't notice it was my birthday? Okay... that's a little unnerving if you're supposed to be noticing details and all.

So happy birthday to me- a nice moving violation ticket for entering the turn lane too early. I just want to say, Officer Kraus, that there is this thing called karma. Now obviously, if you get pulled over, you're probably not going to get a ticket, being a policeman and all. However, there WILL be other things you just can't get out of and it will come on a day that really doesn't deserved to be marred with unnecessary complications- expensive ones at that. I could see if I was driving with reckless abandon or running drugs or endangering other people. But I would hope that you truly have something better to do than write me a ticket for THAT on my birthday. Otherwise, my taxes are being sorely misappropriated.

I really don't like you very much right now.

I'm wondering if 15 yrs down the line you will still be giving out tickets instead of warnings for inane rules. I'm thinking karma will catch up with you before then. I hope you listen.

Yours, calling a friend for help,


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