Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The other day I was driving my husband’s car, and he had taken his Sirius radio out of there (I don’t ask questions), so I had to listen to “regular” radio. It’s been a while, so I had to really rack my brain to try to remember the stations that I used to listen to. After hearing commercials on a couple of stations, I switched to the “Oldies” station, but was pleasantly surprised to hear music that I grew up with. Oh fun, I thought to myself, they’ve changed their format!record player

After several songs, the DJ came on with announcements, and lo and behold, they were STILL the Oldies station. WH…WH…WHAT??? How can that be? These are not OLDIES! These are not the songs my parents grew up with. These are MY songs that I grew up with! How can you POSSIBLY call them OLDIES?

I was outraged! How dare they call MY music OLDIES! It wasn’t that long ago. It was the ‘70s and ‘80s, not the ‘50s and ‘60s. It was only a a couple of decades ago. Wait, right? What year is this?

Oh, never mind.


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