Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Madness... And the hits keep comin'!!!

Monday, Monday.... It's been a busy weekend. The Hub's sister and kids were in this weekend, so we've spent a lot of time with them, which is always fun. Saturday morning, however, was a mad dash to get the house cleaned before they got here. As they used to run their own cleaning service, I'm just a little on the "HOLYCOWtheyaregoingtothinkIcan'tkeepacleanhouse!!!!" side. Just a little bit. The Hubs asked what he could do to help. I promptly put him to work. He even came back a time or two and said,"What's next?"

Floored. I was absolutely floored. Where is The Hubs and what have you done with him? Bring him back? Uhm.... let me get back to you on that. ;)

He cleaned the entire basement (it's finished) and even cleaned the carpets! He cleaned the kitchen (Rays of sunshine from the heavens splitting the clouds I tell you!) while I was helping Z2 clean out her room. Yes, clean OUT. Three store bags of trash and a laundry basket later (She's a bit of a keeper. I, on the other hand, am a purger. We're working on that.) I emerge. I finish the upstairs and The Hubs and I finish the main floor together in record time.

Since I've been working more and more, it's gotten harder to clean the entire house in one day. After all, who wants to work 40 hours a week and spend an entire Saturday really cleaning up after three other people and a dog? Can I get a witness?

So after he's taking a break with Z1, I come in from the kitchen and say to him,"Hey- thanks a lot for just digging in with no complaints and really helping out. That meant a lot to me. I really appreciate it. The house just feels so clean and I didn't have to spend my entire weekend to get it that way. I'm looking forward to actually getting to relax with you and the family."

He replies,"Yeeeeeah... Wouldn't it be great if the house was ALWAYS this clean?!"

Stunned, yet only for a SPLIT second, (And mind you, before MY brain to mouth filter kicked in), I looked at him, turned on my heel and as I was walking away said,""Yeah. Maybe if you'd get up off your (-ahem!-) butt EVERY Saturday and help it would be."

Mama's tired. And she ain't playin' no mo. Right about that moment, a news program came on with a special report on how married couples feel about the division of chores.

Not. Even. Kidding.

You can't tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor or great comedic timing.

Yours, counting the days to vacation!!!!


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