Wednesday, July 6, 2011


birthday cake

Today is Melissa’s birthday. I won’t say how old she is, only that she’s younger than I am! Of course, Melissa is more than just a business partner to me, she’s also a wonderful friend. So I want to do what I can to make her birthday special. Here’s how part of our day will go (as far as the night goes, I’ll have to hope her husband will take care of it!):

I’m still working off post-holiday eating, so I’ll be at the gym in the morning, but after my work-out, I’ll stop at the grocery store and pick up a birthday cake. Melissa firmly believes that everyone needs to have a cake and candles on your birthday, no matter how old you are! From there, I’ll pick up her children so she can go out to lunch with her very best friend and NO KIDS!

Lunch at my house (maybe McDonalds, but don’t tell her) and play time until her lunch is over. Then CAKE!!!!! After that, we all go to the pool. No, not my pool, but a public pool where it’s okay if we don’t watch the kids! No, what I mean is, of course we’ll watch our children, but if we happen to be in the lazy river for an hour or so and lose track of where they are, for just a minute, you know how that might happen…

Anyway, that’s it! Just a relaxing day! So please help me in wishing Melissa a happy, happy birthday today!



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