Thursday, June 30, 2011


Okay, so just a few quick notes from my movie watching/religion lesson yesterday.

  1. Apparently those were NOT Roman Priests who wanted to get rid of Jesus. No, they were Jewish Priests who didn’tjccs want their power undermined by somebody calling themselves The “King” of the Jews. Hmmm, who knew we could be so devious? Not very nice at all. And horrible hats, if I must say myself!
  2. That “pilot” dude I was referring to? Yeah, that was Pontius Pilate. (He was Roman!) Hey, I was close.
  3. Mary? Still unclear whether Jesus slept with her or not, but I’m leaving that one alone. (But I must concede to my sister that Helen Reddy made the song “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” hit the charts, not Yvonne Elliman, although I like Yvonne’s version from the movie better.)

All in all, I learned quite a bit yesterday. Melissa, being a bit younger than Margee and I, didn’t seem to enjoy the early 70’s dancing and costumes as much as we did, but I think she secretly enjoyed giving a couple of Jewish girls some good New Testament lessons!


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